Results of the 2020 Grade 6 National Assessment

The Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 Grade 6 National assessment results. This year, a total of 846 students wrote the examinations, 391 female and 455 males.

On the basis of this year's results Government has decided to award scholarships and bursaries to all students who obtained totals and grades as follows:

Scholarship Points Bursary Points
A A A 15 A A C or A B B 13
A A B 14 A B C or A A D or B B B 12

On this basis 64 students were awarded scholarships and 114 were awarded bursaries.

The amount allocated to scholars and bursaries for textbooks and stationery is $1,000.00 and $700 respectively. In addition, the costs of CXC fees for scholarship students will be covered by the Government of the Dominica.

The top performers in the 2020 examinations were:

Birmingham K.J Anyella F St. Martin Primary A A A
Harris D.S Syreina F St. Luke's Primary A A A
Baron S Kenilee F St. John's Primary A A A
Samuel A Dinari M St. Mary's Primary A A A
LeBlanc   Therese F Convent Preparatory School A A A

As in previous years, students selected to enter the Roseau, ITSS and Portsmouth Secondary Schools' catchment area will receive forms on which they are to indicate their ranked choice of schools they would like to attend. There will also be the option of doing this online. Once these forms have been returned to the Ministry, the Ministry will work with the Principals of all secondary schools in these catchment area to ensure that all students in the are placed in a secondary school.

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence thanks all those involved in the Grade 6 National Assessment - the members of the subject committees, teachers who wrote items for the examination, the centre coordinators and supervisors, the Police and all the technical and support staff in the Ministry who monitored the administration of the examinations.

Also see the Official 2020 Grade 6 National Assessment Results (PDF, 953 KB).

Posted: 28/07/2020