Ministry Of Education Announces Finalists For Excellence In Education Awards

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development announces the finalists for the 2014 National Excellence in Education Awards.

The National Bank of Dominica Ltd. has partnered with the Ministry to stage the event, which will be held on Wednesday October 1, at the Arawak House of Culture from 10:00 a.m.

The Finalists are:

Most Promising Primary School Teacher

  • Cornelia Bellot-Grand Bay Primary School
  • Merlincia Henry- Convent Prep

Most Promising Secondary Teacher

  • Netisha Durand- Convent High School
  • Delly Francis- Castle Bruce Secondary School

Outstanding Primary School Teacher

  • Adelina David- St. Luke’s Primary School
  • Vernillia Jean- Pierre- Goodwill Primary School
  • Dario Frank- W.S Stevens Primary School
  • Allison Lavernier- Tete Morne Primary School
  • Lydia Phillip- Grand Fond Primary School
  • Wynant Jules- Soufriere Primary
  • Teddina Joseph- Calibishie Primary School
  • Kristie Graham- St. Luke’s Primary School
  • Kisha Remie- Vielle Case Primary School
  • Antonia Pierre- Roosevelt Douglas Primary School
  • Judith Laudat- St. Martin’s Primary School
  • Davisia Bastien- Roseau Primary School

Outstanding Secondary School Teacher

  • Marvlyn Xavier- Pierre Charles Secondary School
  • Bernice Maronie- Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
  • Samuel Owoeye- Dominica Grammar School
  • Roslyn Mathew- Portsmouth Secondary School
  • Clara Lee- Goodwill Secondary School

Outstanding Principals Primary

  • Teddy Wallace- Roosevelt Douglas Primary School
  • Evans James- Grandbay Primary School
  • Laurel Moreau- St. Martin’s Primary School
  • Annita Peter- St. Luke’s Primary School
  • Gretta Roberts- Roseau Primary School
  • Mirium Lewis- Goodwill Primary School

Outstanding Principals- Secondary

  • Ronald Austrie- Portsmouth Secondary School
  • Andra Christian- St. Martin’s Secondary School
  • Celia Nicholas- Dominica Community High School
  • Josephine Dublin- Convent High School                         

The National Excellence in Education Awards, held every two years, is designed to celebrate and publicly acknowledge achievements of outstanding principals, teachers and schools in Dominica.

Educators were recognized for performance during a two-year period prior to the date of the awards.

Following the nomination process, teachers, students and principals completed surveys about the various nominees. Officers of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, principals and former educators then engaged in two rounds of observations of nominees. An independent committee, which included former educators, conducted assessments of the finalists to verify results.

Education Officers and retired educators were, in September, assessing projects and programmes to determine winning schools in the various categories.

Awards will be presented to schools in the following categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Innovation

All the finalists will receive a monetary award.