Massacre/Canefield Primary School Hands Over Fishing Equipment To Fishermen

The Massacre/Canefield Primary School on Monday handed over $10, 000 worth of equipment to fishermen of Massacre for the construction of two Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). In exchange for the equipment, the fishermen will provide the school with fish for its School Feeding Programme. The initiative is endorsed and supported by the Fisheries Division.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical Planning and Fisheries, Hr. Harold Guiste, told the handing-over ceremony the partnership was a “forward thinking initiative that will be replicated in other areas,” to build interest in and encourage growth in the fishing industry.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Andrew Magloire also commended the Massacre/Canefield Primary School, saying the partnership would encourage healthy eating among students and increase the consumption of locally caught fish. The school will continue to assist the fishermen of Massacre by establishing a fund for the maintenance and replacement of the FADs. 

The project is funded by the Government of Dominica with assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA.