School Operations Unit

The School Supervision and Support Unit is the largest unit within the Division of Education.  It is charged with responsibility for the supervision and support of the school system which includes 60 primary and 16 secondary schools across the island.  In addition, the School Supervision and Support Unit is responsible for evaluation of schools (Quality Control) as well as monitoring of students’ performance.  The Unit comprises approximately 24 supervision and support staff members. 

The Assistant Chief Education Officer has responsibility for the overall supervision of the School Supervision and Support services.  District Education Officers, Learning Support Advisors, Guidance Counselors, a Special Education Needs Coordinator and an Assistant Education Officer for Early Childhood Education provide external supervision and instructional support to secondary schools, primary schools and early childhood centres across the island.  An officer performing functions as Clinical Psychologist is also attached to the School Supervision and Support Unit.

Currently, the structure operates with a total of 5 districts (4 primary educational districts and one secondary district).  The four primary educational districts comprise schools which are located in the North, South, East and West of the island, while all secondary schools together constitute a supervision district.  The principal functions of the School Supervision and Support Unit include coordinating the work of Education Officers, Learning Support Advisors, Guidance Counsellors, the Coordinator/Special Education Needs, the Assistant Education Officer Early Childhood and a Clinical Psychologist. 

  • District Education Officers are charged with responsibility for supervising schools and catering for schools’ staffing needs.
  • Learning Support staff provide in-service support to classroom learning.
  • Guidance Counsellors provide support for the pastoral needs of schools and assist students with students counselling services.
  • The Special Needs Unit supports schools in addressing the learning needs of students with special educational needs.
  • The Assistant Education Officer for early childhood development provides overall monitoring of early childhood facilities and ensures quality early childhood education.
  • The Clinical Psychologist

Further, the School Supervision and Support Unit conducts staff development and training programmes for teachers and principals as well as monitoring use of teaching strategies within classrooms. The evaluation of school programmes and activities through External School Reviews (Quality Control) is also a key function of the Unit.