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The Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 Grade Six National assessment. This year, a total of 1080 students wrote the examinations-534 female and 546 males.

On the basis of this year's results, the Government of Dominica has decided to award scholarships to all students who obtained four grade As, or three As and one B, or three As and one C, or two As and two Bs. Bursaries are to be awarded to those students who obtained the equivalent of four Bs or better but did not qualify for the award of scholarship.

On this basis 94 students were awarded scholarships and 100 were awarded bursaries.

The amoun
t allocated to scholars and bursaries for textbooks and stationery is $500.00 and $300.00 respectively.

The top performers in the 2016 examinations were:

- Heimish Blaize- Roseau Primary School

- Jada-Madison Joseph- St. John's Primary School

- Megan Vidal- St. Martin's Primary School

- Nechante LeBlanc-St. John's Primary School

- Naome Samuel-Williams- Ebenezer SDA

The Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development thanks all those involved with the preparation and administration of the Grade 6 National Assessment, members of the subject committees, teachers who wrote items for the examination, the centre coordinators and supervisors, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police and Ministry of Education officials who monitored the conduct of the examinations. 

Key Persons

Hon. Minister for Education &
Human Resource Development

Mr. Petter Saint Jean

Permanent Secretary
Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth (Ag.)

Chief Education Officer
Mrs. Melena Fontaine (Ag.)


Assistant Chief Education Officer
Dr. Jeffrey Blaize

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