Ross University Funds New Kitchen For Savanne Paille Primary School

The Savanne Paille Primary School on Monday opened a new kitchen and dining area funded by the Ross University School of Medicine.

Ross University provided sixty-eight thousand, five hundred and eighty-nine dollars ($ 68, 589) for the construction and a further two thousand, eight hundred and eighty-five ($ 2, 885) for electrification of the facility.

The school’s Parent Teachers Association (PTA), led by Janet Victor, spearheaded the project.

Dr. Stanley White, Senior Associate Dean at Ross University, said the construction of the new kitchen and dining area was the latest example of the special partnership the University has had with Dominica over the past 38 years.

“ We have developed over those years an active outreach programme and have a proud record of donations to a wide variety of organizations across the island including schools, dance, theatre and other cultural and community groups, just to name a few.

“We attach great importance to being an active and responsible corporate citizen. And as an academic community, we always endeavor to do well by doing good in the community,” he stated.

Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Hon. Petter Saint-Jean commended the spirit of community and cooperation displayed by the school’s PTA members and staff.

“This speaks to the community involvement that is necessary if we are to improve our schools and create safe and conducive learning environments for our children,” Saint Jean noted.

“I commend Ross University and Devry for responding to the call from the school in quick time. Thank you very much for partnering with us, the Ministry and the Government, to ensure that the future of our children, of Savanne Paille, is taken care of,” he added.

Parliamentary Representative for the Cottage Constituency, Hon. Reginald Austrie also addressed the opening ceremony. He encouraged the school to make use of the facility to promote healthy lifestyles among students.

The project also received support from Portsmouth based businesses M&R Trading and Rudolph Thomas Enterprises.