1076 Students To Sit G6NA This Week

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will administer the annual Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA) this week. 1076 students, 542 girls and 534 boys, are set to write the exams on Thursday May 28 and Friday May 29, 2015. This number represents a slight increase over 2014 when 1067 students wrote the exam.

The examinations are scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m., following an assembly at 7:45, at 50 centers around the island.

On day 1, students will write Language Arts and Social Studies, and Mathematics and Science on day 2. Except for the Language Arts paper, all exams will be a single multiple-choice paper. The Language Arts however, will consist of multiple choice and composition papers.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development advises parents that they are not allowed at testing centers while the examinations are in progress and should refrain from applying undue pressure on students during the days leading up to the exams.