Information Technology

The ICT department was initiated in 1999 to manage the process of implementation of ICT in our schools. The staff, which now consists of an ICT Coordinator and an ICT specialist, remains committed to providing quality service to the schools and offices of the Ministry of Education that includes:

  • Installation of equipment
  • Maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • Consulting
  • Procurement
  • Training
  • Setting and maintenance of standards

So far, the work has been continuing apace, and an initial goal of placing at least one internet-ready computer at each of our schools has been attained. We are now working on getting computer labs at every school, and eventually to network all of the schools on a WAN.

The ICT department has been responsible for preparing the draft of the Ministry’s policy on ICT in education, as well as a strategic plan for implementing the policy. The department provides the Ministry’s electronic link to the wider public service.