D.E.E.P. - Dominica Education Enhancement Project


This report outlines the major achievements of the Education Enhancement Project, which at the end of Dec 2014 had expended EC$8,121,410. 00

Procurement of Tools and Equipment

The project has procured tools and equipment valued at over $3.2m to support the implementation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program at secondary schools on the island, but more specifically the seven Government-owned secondary schools. The tools and equipment were procured in the following subject areas:

Crop Production, Computers and Related Equipment, Furniture Making Equipment, Food Preparation Equipment, Cosmetology Equipment, Plumbing Equipment, Work Place Safety Equipment, Physical Education Equipment, Mathematics Resources, Garment Production Equipment, Electrical/Electronics Equipment, Music and VPA Equipment, Automotive Repair Equipment and Special Education

Distribution of tools and equipment is practically complete.


Learning Material and Printing Equipment

Learning and Teacher Resource Material valued at approx EC$440,000.00 have been procured for use in all Government Primary Schools. They are currently being distributed.

Printing Equipment valued at EC$148,000.00 were procured and delivered to the following locations:

  • Castle Bruce Secondary School
  • Eastern District Education Office
  • Goodwill Secondary School
  • Goodwill Primary School
  • Northern District Education Office
  • Curriculum Unit, Ministry of Education


Teacher Training  

  • Forty-six (48) teachers have received scholarships under DEEP (three were withdrawn and two did not satisfactorily complete their course of studies)
  • 32 teachers have completed their programs and are back in the classroom.
  • Ten (10) will complete their training before the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year and one (1) at the end of that school year
  • A total of 43 teachers, therefore, have been and are being trained under the Project at the certificate level (9), first degree level (19) Post Graduate Diploma level (9) and Masters level (5)

Teachers who were trained at the Certificate level in Cosmetology, Plumbing and Home Economics (Garment) were also successful at their CVQ Assessor/Verifier training in Barbados and Trinidad respectively, and are now fully qualified CVQ Assessors/Verifiers. The Project has started the process of facilitating the teachers who are pursuing studies at UTECH and Edna Manley in Jamaica to obtain their CVQ Qualifications before returning home.

Additionally, the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) Open Campus has been contracted to provide consultancy services for the training of 40 teachers and MOE IT Personnel in the Teaching of Information Technology at the CXC level. The program is an 8 month certificate course, customized for the purposes of the Ministry. It addresses the issues and challenges currently faced by teachers in teaching Info Tech, as well as, provide IT skills to be used in the classroom. The program began in May 2014.

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To date, the project has successfully completed the following consultancies:

  • Numeracy PilotContract Sum US$86,000.

 This consultancy targeted all of the Grade 2 teachers and captured the following:

  • An assessment of the nature and extent of the problems in Maths at Grade 2
  • An assessment of teaching methods and practices used to teach maths
  • Training of ALL Grade 2 teachers and Principals on island in Numeracy Instructions
  • Training of all Principals of primary schools in Effective Management and Instructional Leadership
  • Training/Capacity Building of two numeracy personnel identified by the Ministry, who will continue to work with the grade 2 teachers beyond the consultancy and will seek to extend training to other teachers
  • Development of a Training Plan for Numeracy teachers beyond the Consultancy
  • A list of resource material to help in the teaching of mathematics. The materials were purchased at a cost US$43,000.00
  • Recommendations on the recruitment and training of teachers, Leadership and management of education projects, Accountability of teachers and Principals, further training for Grade 2 teachers, Use and review of the curriculum and capacity development to sustain improvements within the system
  • Early Screening and Diagnosis Consultancy (Special Education) – Contract Sum US$ 39,000:

The following are the output of the consultancy:

  • Special Education Report which addresses current status of the special education program, a proposed model for a referral system and the Structure of the Special Education Unit.
  • Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines which examines the policy and legal framework in respect to special education, Referral and Evaluation Systems, Preparation of Individual Education Plan, Differentiated Lesson Plan Template, Placement and Program Options among other areas of relevance
  • List of Diagnostic Kit materials
  • Purchased Special Education Equipment at a cost of EC$245,000.00
  • Training of 55 teachers and 49 Principals in Early Screening
  • Maintenance Policy and Plan Consultancy (Contract Sum US $40,000.00)
  • This consultancy addressed the development of a Sector Maintenance Policy and Plan with related training to Principals and their deputies, PTA representatives, Cleaners, Security officials, Education Officers among others.
  • It made recommendations for the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance of school buildings; It produced an Education Facility Maintenance Management Manual and a Draft Maintenance Policy and Plan.
  • Multi Grade Consultancy – ( Contract Sum US$49,835.00)
    • The Multi Grade Teacher Education Plan is complete and has been submitted
    • The Multi Grade Teaching Module is complete. A soft copy is available and await the submission of the hard copies
    • Twenty five (25) Principals and sixty (60) teachers and Education and Learning Support Officers attended a Multi Grade Workshop from July 15 – 18, 2013. The workshop was conducted by the Multi Grade Consultants of Edu Nova Cooperative Ltd.
    • The Multi Grade Consultancy is complete and the Final Report is awaiting submission
  • Curriculum Development - ( Contract Sum US$53,745.00)
    • The National Curriculum Framework has been reviewed and the recommended changes have been submitted to the Ministry. The major change was the inclusion of TVET in the lower forms of secondary school
    • The Final Report on the National Curriculum is also complete.
    • A number of writing workshops have been and will be held in the current academic year with a view to completing curriculum guides and programs of studies in the Core subject areas and in the Introductory TVET Modules, which are anticipated to be introduced in the curriculum in the 2015/16 academic year


The Terminal Disbursement Date of the Education Enhancement Project is August 31 2015.  To date, uncommitted funds total approximately EC$1.3m. A proposal has been prepared for submission to CDB, seeking their No Objection, for the use of the available funds. That proposal seeks to implement activities which support those already implemented under the project – teacher training, procurement of additional tools and equipment as well as materials which support teaching and learning.

Loan Disbursement as at Dec 31, 2014

  • Total Loan Disbursement for FY 2010/11: $ 349,288.00
  • Total Loan Disbursement for FY 2011/12: $ 1,475,132.00
  • Total Loan Disbursement for FY 2012/13: $ 4,507,840.00
  • Total Loan Disbursement for FY 2013/14: $ 1,070,672.00
  • Total Loan Disbursement for FY 2014/15: $  718, 478.00
  • Overall Total Loan Disbursements for period ended Dec, 2014: $ $8,121,410.00

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