CXC registration for the May-June exams of the following year normally commences between Mid to late October to mid Novemeber of the current year. The Ministry of Education always puts out an announcement towards that effect.

    Edit Period

    Candidates are REQUIRED to return to edit their entries during the last week of November.

    Fee Structure

    • Entry fee $50.00
    • Local Fee $ 50.00
    • Subject Fee $52.00
    • Oral fee $15.00

    PS: School Candidates pay a local fee of $50.00.
     * All values are in XCD (EC) currency.

    Subjects offered at CXC

    Subjects Candidacy SBA Component
    Agricultural Science Non-Private Yes
    Biology Non-Private Yes
    Human and Social Biology All None
    Chemistry All Yes
    Economics All Yes
    Physics Non-Private Yes
    Integrated Science All Yes
    Clothing & Textiles Non-Private Yes
    Electrical Technology Non-Private Yes
    English A - Language * All None
    English B - Literature * All None
    Food & Nutrition Non-Private Yes
    French * All None
    Spanish * All None
    Home Management Non-Private Yes
    Information Technology Non-Private Yes
    Electronic Documentation(EDPM) All Yes
    Mathematics * All None
    Music Non-Private Yes
    Office Administration All Yes
    Physical Education Non-Private Yes
    Principles of Accounts ** All Yes
    Principles of Business ** All Yes
    Social Studies ** All Yes
    Caribbean History ** All Yes
    Geography ** All Yes
    Visual Arts All Yes
    Building Technology (Woods) All Yes

    * Students should familiarize themselves with the ALTERNATVIE PAPER 2/3 for these subjects.